How to summon Synchro monsters ?

This video will explain how to summon Synchro monsters in easy way  :)

How to summon XYZ monsters ?

This video will explain you how to summon XYZ summon briefly  :)


How to summon Pendulum monsters ?

If you didn't know how to summon Pendulum monsters, this video will explain it everything. But of course to activate the effects, you may need many Pendulum monster cards on your deck.


Yugioh XYZ Symphony deck

My Yugioh XYZ Symphony deck with Utopia cover, looks nice isn't it ? though i hope i can get "Warrior Lady of the Wasteland" but gets "Sangan" and "Giant Rat" not really bad though. Gets 4 Djinn XYZ monsters also looks nice too  :)

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Yugioh XYZ Symphony deck by MrProfGenius (1)

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Yugioh XYZ Symphony deck Utopia by MrProfGenius (2)


Pot of Greed in Yugioh

Who don't like Pot of Greed, you can draw twice with this spell card  :)  though that the reason this card had banned at official Yugioh tournament. If this card card is still allowed, Yugioh card game may changed drastically XD  but you can still use Jar of Greed instead for card draw problem. But today i found so many Yugioh card with "extra draw" effect on cards likes Des Lacooda, Pot of Avarice and many more ! So... you no need to worry when you run out your card, because is still many alternative cards with "extra draw" effect, although need through hard ways to activate the effect  :)

Pot of Greed in everywhere.......... lets smile likes Pot of Greed XD


Yu-Gi-No Yugioh duel parody

I found it so funny lol ! Yugi vs Kaiba in funny crazy style cartoon !


Yugioh HERO Strike Structure Deck

Same here, i also just bought this Yugioh HERO Strike Structure Deck recently and i feel it so great ! Its contain Elemental Hero and Masked Hero cards as main theme deck.

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Yugioh HERO Strike Structure Deck by MrProfGenius


Top 10 Yugioh Battles

So many memories about  these Yugioh battle scenes, i so love to watch it again after for so long time.



Dark Magician Girl Tribute

So cute Dark Magician Girl from Anime Yugioh. She is one of pretty characters from Yugioh